Frequently Asked Questions

Refuelling policy

Fuel is charged from the branch where the vehicle is delivered from and is for the renter’s own account. In general fuel may not be purchased with a credit card at petrol stations. (There are some exceptions where a few petrol stations will accept a credit card for payment of fuel). Each vehicle is rented with a full tank of fuel and the renter will pay for refuelling when returned. Each vehicle is refuelled on termination of the vehicle at the standard government legislation fuel tariff regardless whether the fuel gauge indicates that the vehicle is full, as vehicles that are refuelled at independent stations are not guaranteed to be filled to capacity. 

How is the 24-hour period calculated?

Rates are calculated on a 24-hour period from the time of rental until the return of the vehicle. A 59 minute grace period is applied when the vehicle is returned. 

What is a One Way Fee?

A one way fee is charged when a customer collects the vehicle from one location and returns the vehicle to another location excluding when the rental location is in the same town/city. The one way fee covers the cost of relocating the vehicle back to the original location.

Method of payment :

The driver must be in possession of a credit card. The credit card must be in the name of the driver of the vehicle.

How is payment made?

The rental charge together with any applicable damage or loss excess/deductible, if any, will be charged on collection of your rental vehicle.
Exchange rates are not determined by Suncars but by the clients credit card company.

What is the Suncars cancellation policy?

Suncars does not have a cancellation policy.

What is the Suncars Refund policy?

There will be no charge levied by Suncars for amendments to reservations. It is important to note that the rate applicable at the date of amendment will replace the original rate quoted.

Exchange rates are not determined by Suncars but by the clients credit card company.

How can I pay for my car hire?

The car rental company will charge your credit card when you collect the vehicle.
Exchange rates are not determined by Suncars but by the clients credit card company.

How is my rate guaranteed?

What do I need to pick up my car hire?

A Valid Driver's License.
Credit Card in the primary driver's name

What are waivers

Waivers are not insurance. It is a legal, compulsory agreement between the rental company and the renter which generally limits the claim against a renter in the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle.
Waivers are not honoured by car rental companies in the case of negligence, meaning the customer would be held liable for the full amount of damage (and not just the excess). Examples of this would be to allow an unauthorised person to drive the vehicle, accident due to excessive alcohol consumption or the vehicle being stolen when it was left unlocked. It is advisable to treat a rented vehicle as if it is your own.

Can one person drive and another person pay?

The person who reserved the vehicle (primary driver) must sign the rental agreement and pay with their credit card. Bank rules do not allow a card holder to transfer the use of their card to another person, no matter who they are.

Can a vehicle be taken across the border?

Certain vehicles may enter neighbouring South African countries, but over-border rules apply and fees are applicable. Cross-border travel intention must be reported prior to rental to ensure the required documentation is drawn up by the car rental company and submitted to the customer for display at the border.

What other charges could be levied?

Generally, the document administration fee is excluded from the daily rate and will be charged for separately. Some other additional charges to be aware of are:

Extending the rental period

If a customer intends to extend the length of the rental period, it is imperative to advise the rental company to remain covered by the waivers. 

What process do I follow if I damage the vehicle

Accidents or theft must be reported to the rental company and to the South African Police Service within 24 hours. The customer can contact the rental company’s call centre to arrange for towing, if needed.. The renter will be required to complete an accident claim form , with comprehensive details regarding the incident, including all details of a third party involved if applicable. Minor damage to the vehicle must be reported to rental company when the vehicle is dropped off.
The vehicle will be sent to an approved panel beater/ dealer workshop for assessment and repairs. Upon completion of the claim, the renter will be invoiced according to the excess liability contracted to, as well as a claim administration fee.