Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions, together with our web site terms and conditions of use, privacy policy and security policy constitute our agreement with you, the renter, for the services we provide in arranging for the supply of car hire. Together, these are referred to as our terms. These terms shall apply to all contracts for the provision of our services to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. No conduct by Suncars shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of any other terms. Acceptance of the services or signature on any agreement shall be deemed conclusive evidence of your acceptance of these terms. Suncars may change the terms from time to time and you, the renter, are advised to check the web site to consider any changes to the terms which apply to you. Your hire of any vehicle is subject to the terms and conditions of vehicle hire imposed by the car hire company and to the corresponding laws of the country that the rental takes place in. Individual restrictions may also apply to your vehicle hire.

You will be provided with a vehicle by us acting as an agent for the applicable rental company. The capacity in which we act depends on our relationship with the car hire company.

These terms apply to any booking that you, the renter, make with us on or through this web site, so you should make sure that you are aware of their contents. Both our terms and conditions and those of our local providers contain some exclusions and limitations of liability.

Your booking on this web site is conditional on you, the renter, accepting our terms. If you, the renter, do not agree with any part of them you must not proceed with your booking. By confirming that you wish to book a vehicle through this web site you, the renter, indicate that you have read, understood and accept the relevant terms. If there is any part that you, the renter, do not fully understand, or if you have a query about the vehicle hire or any other product, please contact us

Suncars cannot accept liability for any charges incurred as a result of documentation signed for and accepted locally.

Suncars will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, causing wilful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. You, the renter, will accept full responsibility in respect of such claims. This list is not exhaustive.

What is included/excluded in the price?
Please read the specific inclusions and exclusions before confirming your reservation.


Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) reduces the renter's liability from the total cost of the damage, to an excess amount where applicable unless the renter intentionally causes the damage is under the influence of drink or drugs or uses the vehicle in a prohibited or negligent way e.g. driving off main roads or hiring to other parties. CDW covers liability for damage to the vehicle or its parts and accessories. Usually windscreens, tyres, under carriage, replacement locks, replacement keys and towing charges are not covered under the waiver policy. Other exclusions may apply & can differ between rental companies, so we recommend checking with the car hire company at the time of collecting the vehicle what the exclusions are.

Theft Waiver

Theft Waiver (TW) reduces the renter's liability in the event of theft or damages caused due to theft or attempted theft of the vehicle to an excess amount where applicable. Negligence connected with the theft of the vehicle may lead to the car hire company requiring the full amount for the cost of the vehicle.


Please check carefully the details of the cover provided by the car hire company. For peace of mind, Suncars strongly recommends that you, the renter, familiarize yourself fully with the extent of the cover provided with any rental & where necessary, take out additional cover in respect of your spouse and any children or close relatives who will be accompanying you in the vehicle.

Example of Common Exclusions from the Car Rental Companies CDW policies include;

In the above circumstances, your liability to pay for the excess will not be waived and you may be liable for the full cost up to and exceeding the excess.

Personal Accident Insurance

This insurance is not included in your rate. Please check on your reservation confirmation.

Local Deposits & Petrol

Most of the car hire company require a deposit at the start of the rental to cover petrol, liability excess and other charges incurred during the hire. A valid major credit card will be required in most cases and must be in the lead driver's name. Provided the car & extras are returned in the same state as rented & in accordance with the fuel policy, this deposit will be refunded when returning the vehicle.

Minimum/Maximum Age Limitations

In most destinations, the minimum hiring age is 23 years. Surcharges can apply with certain suppliers for drivers aged less than 23.

Additional Drivers

Charges may apply for additional drivers, payable locally

Period of Hire/Daily Rate Calculation

Hire periods are calculated on a 24-hour basis. After collection of the car, an extension of the hire period and late returns will be supplied and charged for by our local supplier at the local daily tariff.

Early Return/Rental Extension

The duration of your rental starts and finishes according to the pick-up and drop-off dates and times detailed on your confirmation, the price of which will be confirmed at time of booking and is calculated on the basis of 24-hour units. If you, the renter, wish to extend the rental period after collection of the car, or if you return the car later than stated on your confirmation, the contract for such an extension will always be with the car hire company directly and will charged by the car hire company. It is important to notify the rental company should you want to extend as you may be driving without cover.

One Ways

One way rentals must be confirmed in advance and may be subject to drop charges, payable to the car hire company. We will advise you, the renter, on the approximate costs after we receive your booking request & receive confirmation from the car hire company on the one way rental.

Child Seats and Special Requests

Child seats and additional items are available on request in most destinations, although they cannot be guaranteed. There is a charge payable to the car hire company. Requests for these items should be made at the time of booking.

Delivery & Collection Charges

Delivery and collection charges apply for all deliveries and collections. The charges will be displayed on your quote.

Driving Areas

Restrictions and charges will apply when crossing country borders; The rental company must be advised at the time of collection whether you, the renter, intend to travel with the vehicle into any other country. Additional documentation will be required and local charges will apply for travel to other countries. Certain countries may be prohibited.

If You, the Renter, Wish to Make Changes to Your Booking

No charge will be made for amending your reservation before the start of your rental. This excludes any charges which may be due from a material change to the reservation such as the duration or car type. Amending the drivers name or the pick-up location may require the cancellation and re-booking of a reservation.

Driving Licence

Drivers must produce a valid unendorsed drivers licence in English.

Car Capacity and Vehicle Type

All vehicles are insured for a maximum number of passengers. Suncars cannot accept liability for the vehicle being unsuitable for all passengers and luggage. As a guide please refer to the Suncars website for approximate passengers of the car groups available. Suncars cannot accept responsibility for rentals denied at time of collection or otherwise due to the party size being too large for the vehicle.
Suncars is unable to guarantee a particular make or model of vehicle. The car shown on your confirmation is for guidance only and may be substituted for an alternative similar model.

Provision of Cars

Car hire companies reserve the right to refuse to make available a vehicle to any person considered unfit to drive or who does not meet eligibility requirements. Suncars will not be liable for the completion of travel arrangements, nor for any refund, compensation or any other costs you, the renter, may have to pay.

Mechanical Difficulties/Accidents

In the case of breakdown or mechanical difficulties, you, the renter, must call the car hire company immediately. The car hire company must give authority for repairs or replacement cars. If you, the renter, are involved in an accident, the local police and the car hire company MUST be contacted. Keep copies of all relevant documentation you are asked to complete. This may be needed if you, the renter, wish to make an insurance claim. 

Your hire of any vehicle is subject to the terms and conditions of vehicle hire imposed by the car hire company and to the corresponding laws of the country that the rental takes place in. You, the renter, will therefore be subject both to our terms and those of the car hire company. Suncars accepts no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of any loss, damage, alterations, delays or changes arising from civil strife, industrial dispute, including air traffic control disputes, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, unavoidable technical problems with transport, closure or congestion of airports or ports, cancellation of scheduled airlines and financial failure of airlines.

Terms of your Contract with Suncars

Suncars has the right to cancel a booking upon limited or immediate notice in certain circumstances such as the insolvency of a car hire company. In all circumstances Suncars will use its reasonable endeavours to arrange for the supply of an alternative vehicle but at periods of high demand it may not be possible.

Website Conditions of Use

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It is also prohibited to interfere, or attempt to interfere with the normal working of this website, any activity that we consider places undue load or stress on our systems will be terminated.
We constantly monitor everyone accessing our website, and any automated systems, or persons conducting a unreasonable amount of searches, with an aim to access information and/or prices will be terminated, and the blocked from our websites.
Your use of the website indicates your agreement to be bound by these Conditions of Use

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